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Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

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What's PayPal?
PayPal, our authorized credit card processor, is one of the most secure payment processors on the Internet. The company is owned by Ebay and has over 100 million members in 45 countries. PayPal memberships are free and becoming a member will conveniently speed up payment processing at thousands of merchants like us. Becoming a member is as easy as entering your payment information and selecting a username (your email) and password for that PayPal account that you are only authorize to access. From then on, you can access and maintain this account by loging in at You may cancel your subscriptions to websites like ours by viewing your active subscriptions at your paypal account.

Do I need to open a PayPal account to become a member?
No. Paypal accounts are only required for instant access and auto renewal subscription packages. You may signup for any of our packages by using your credit/debit card but we have to setup your account manually which may take up to 8 hours.

What's Instant Access?
Membership packages marked as "Instant Access", will receive Username and Password at the end of a successful payment. There is no wait and no account setup since all is handled by PayPal and our website instantly at signup.
Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and require to be typed EXACTLY as are received. The access codes are ONLY issued after a successful account setup. If you are unable to access the member area on our site, please make sure that you are trying to access the right membership area and the access codes are typed exactly as you received them.

What are "Subscription" and "One Time" purchases?
Subscriptions are memberships that will require renewals on a regular basis. Subscription is not a contract and just a convenient way of automatically renewing your membership package. Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime by emailing us or accessing your PayPal account and canceling it yourself.

Another membership type is the "One Time" option which is used for short term memberships.

Short term memberships include daily and weekly access memberships. Daily memberships are used by occasional players who do not play the ponies often enough to purchase a subscription. Weekly memberships are offered for players who are interested in our services but need a short test drive.