Horse Racing Selections and Handicapping Reports

What is the Ranking Report?
This Report is the morning paper type consensus report that uses the Speed, Pace, Class and power instead of different handicappers to form a consensus for the race.

Using the Ranking and Spot Plays Reports?
Ranking report is mostly used by subscribers to our spot play package. These subscribers use the Racing Form to handicap the races but like to have our Speed, Class, Power and Pace figures also. All information on this report is already contained in our Detail Report. Spot Play Report lists contenders that qualify for different handicapping angles.

A few methods our subscribers use the Ranking report:

Most players use the Ranking report for the reasons mentioned above. But, you can locate strong key plays in non-maiden races by comparing the consensus points of the top selection to the second selection. If top contender's consensus points is more than double the points of second place, that horse deserves a strong key play.