Horse Racing Selections and Handicapping Reports

What is the Trainer Report?
This Report provide the statistical information about the trainer.

Using the Trainer Report?
This Report provide trainer stats that apply to today's race. Number of starts, win percentage and ROI is included for all angles.

A few methods our subscribers use this report:

1- Locating the specialized trainers. Some trainers have great success in certain type of races. You may have a trainer who has a overall 5% win percentage but wins maiden races at a 25% rate. At a glance you can locate these type and consider if worth a play.

2- Locating lightly raced trainers. There are trainers that their name is hardly mentioned during the meet but have a very high ROI with a few runners they race at the track. These trainers have a small crop and only race them when they think that their horse is ready. When you locate a trainer on the sheet always pay attention to physical appearance of the horse before the race.